Launched in 2014, Rachel JAMES is an emerging British fashion brand known predominantly for luxury men’s streetwear.

Quickly making our mark on the menswear world, our early collections have been featured in Vogue Italia, Men’s Health Germany, Elle, Time Out London, The Huffington Post, Hunger, Hypebeast and Stylist Magazine – and worn by the likes of The Vamps, Machine Gun Kelly, Brian Friedman, Ghetts and more.

The RJ story starts with me, Rachel. Graduating from Fashion Design at the University of Westminster, my final year collection was spotted by the British Fashion Council, who asked me to showcase at the following London Collections: Men, in January 2015.

Since then, we’ve exhibited at LC:M and the Capsule Show: Paris, received fantastic press coverage, forged exciting collaborations and seen our pieces stocked by and Then and Now.


I’ve always been an ideas girl, fascinated by the world and everyone in it, and inspired by seeing an idea come to life. The launch of the RJ label allowed me to do what I love best – make things that are real, relevant and beautiful.

And as the brand evolves, we’re taking that far beyond fashion, working on a host of other exciting projects including children’s books and illustration.

As we expand what we do, we’re also looking at how we do it.

Increasingly aware of our impact on the planet and all its inhabitants, Team RJ is moving towards more ethical, sustainable working practices that include never working with leather or animal skins again, and only using animal-sourced materials that are responsibly and respectfully sourced.

Sustainable materials. Less waste. More recycling. Ethical suppliers. Manufacturers who treat their employees and the planet with respect.

Of course, we recognise the irony. The pieces we produce are, ultimately, wanted, rather than needed. Fashion is an inherently unsustainable industry.

But it puts smiles on faces too – and few would deny that beautiful design is ultimately a good thing. So to balance each principle, we are determined to only produce items that are beautiful and exciting if they are always relevant and responsibly made.

Style at all costs has had its day. Here’s to thoughtful creativity. Conscientious craftsmanship. Pure fabrication.

Rachel James
Creative Director & Co-Founder




Rachel’s love of dogs is what started her book and what she wants her book to give back to: part of the proceeds of every book sold will be donated to dogs’ charities: supporting dogs who had a much less lucky start than Billy Woof had, and hopefully helping them find their Forever Bigs too.

We care about animals, people and the planet we all live on.

That’s why our Billy Woof books will also be printed on 100% recycled paper so not to cut down any more trees and are made as ethically and as sustainably as possible.


Our lovable Billy Woof is inspired by Rachel James’ real life Beagle puppy, Billy.

Billy’s cuteness, cheekiness, love for adventure and following his nose, inspired Rachel to imagine the world from Billy’s perspective and what magic might await in telling his stories.


After many sketches and drafts, Rachel wrote and illustrated ‘Billy Woof – Tries to be Good’ which draws inspiration from her Billy trying to learn to live in the human world with all of its excitement, struggles, love and laughter.

Follow us on Instagram to see what adventures our very own Billy gets up to!

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