‘Billy Woof – Tries to be Good’

by Rachel James

A children’s book featuring an adorable but mischievous puppy called Billy Woof, trying his best to be a good dog whilst settling into his new home.

Written and illustrated by Rachel James.

Coming soon!




Rachel’s love of dogs is what started her book and what she wants her book to give back to: part of the proceeds of every book sold will be donated to dogs’ charities: supporting dogs who had a much less lucky start than Billy Woof had, and hopefully helping them find their Forever Bigs too.

We care about animals, people and the planet we all live on.

That’s why our Billy Woof books will also be printed on 100% recycled paper so not to cut down any more trees and are made as ethically and as sustainably as possible.


Our lovable Billy Woof is inspired by Rachel James’ real life Beagle puppy, Billy.

Billy’s cuteness, cheekiness, love for adventure and following his nose, inspired Rachel to imagine the world from Billy’s perspective and what magic might await in telling his stories.


After many sketches and drafts, Rachel wrote and illustrated ‘Billy Woof – Tries to be Good’ which draws inspiration from her Billy trying to learn to live in the human world with all of its excitement, struggles, love and laughter.

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